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Blueberries, Bees, and Blue Crab
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Spring Beekeeping Workshops
Red leaf maples, pond cypress, camellias, sasanquas, chickweed, henbit and violets are in bloom here around the farm, and the first tendrils of Carolina jessamine are greening and twining up the blueberry bushes. Blueberry buds are swelling, and bluebirds, cardinals, mockingbirds, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, mockingbirds and more are starting to visit. Spring is definitely on the way, and our spring workshop series is beginning. This weekend, a flock of about 200 American white ibis stopped in for a farm tour, and spent hours aerating the bee pasture in their search for worms and grubs.

The next Beginning Beekeeping Workshop, intended to help you prepare for your first hives, is scheduled for Sunday March 1. Please visit our beekeeping page for more information, or contact us at with specific questions. To register for the course, please go to our online store. We will be scheduling another Advanced Beekeeping workshop for beekeepers who have kept bees for at least a season; contact us for more details. Saturday March 21 is an additional beginning beekeeping workshop date, and more may be scheduled later in the spring.

A special family-oriented workshop focused on introducing the world of bees and beekeeping is scheduled for Sunday, March 22. All workshops include honey-tasting, printed reference materials, and all the questions you can think of to ask.


Working with bees gives us a chance to learn about the world in different ways, from observing the blooming plants and matching the colors of pollen brought into the hive to tasting the unique and individual blends of nectar stored away in each hive, ripening slowly in the honeycomb. The bees build the honeycomb with wax excreted from special glands in their abdomens. It takes more energy to make wax than to gather nectar, so we carefully save each scrap from "burr comb" and the cappings that seal the ripe honey in the comb. Over the season, these accumulate in bags and jars, and before it can be used, we separate the sweet, pure beeswax from any contaminants once, twice and sometimes a third time, until only the pure wax remains. The scent of warm honey fills the area and makes up for the mess...beeswax is a pure and sweet form of energy that brings a little summer instantly into your life. Visit our Beekeeping page for more information
Take some Blue Pearls home with you
Blue Pearl Farms has
a limited number of three-year-old heritage varieties of organically tended rabbiteye blueberry plants for sale in 3-gallon pots. The plants are field-dug and ready to be planted this year. These varieties require cross-pollination, at least six hours of sunlight, and some space between the plants (4-5 feet) so they don't grow into each other. 

It's easy to schedule a farm tour or an event for your group or family or a special class or workshop for your group of five or more. For details, contact or call us on the farm line at 843-887-3554.

Blue Pearl Farms is one of the state's most recent Certified Roadside Markets, and we are proud to be part of the Certified South Carolina farm products group. We are preparing for our organic certification on the farm, and rely on mulch, compost and natural products to support plant health. All our maintenance is done by hand, and Blue Pearl Farms will always be GMO-free. If you ever have questions about how plants grow here, please ask or come visit.

Take Hwy 17 to McClellanville, and turn beside The Palmetto Store onto Hwy. 45 at the flashing yellow light. Randall Road is the first left, about a block north of Hwy 17. You will find the farm entrance gate on the right, before you pass the farm sign, after about 1.2 miles.

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We follow organic practices to nourish the soil and keep plants healthy and ensure our honey and foods are the best you can eat. Please remember, no pets and no smoking at the farm.

Blue Pearl Farms hosts weddings and private events and can provide a full plug-and-play PA system and stage. For details, c
ontact or call us on the farm line at 843-887-3554.

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